What is Fusion Juice?

Fusion Juice News:
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We've recently acquired a new sound amplification system that allows the audience, regardless of where you are in the room, to experience the same audio quality that the musicians hear on stage, close to that of a recording studio.  From small to large rooms, either very quiet or at room filling levels, the quality stays consistent and incredibly clear.

In addition, or new VRS sytem lets us record the Keyboards, Bass & Drum parts ahead of time in the studio to use for live performances. This allows us to play a wider range of venues and still achieve the great quality sound of a full band.
With over 40 years of combined musical experience between them,
Guitarist Jimmy Schoettle and Sax Player Max Reed have been performing as Fusion Juice, in and around Denver Colorado since 2006. They produce  a smooth and tasty musical blend between Guitar and Sax that has become their signature sound.   The current version of the band uses studio recorded backing rhythm tracks for a more controlled and amazing quality sound in any size venue.  This band is Fun, Funky, Entertaining and Exciting Musicians!

The Fusion Juice Jazz & Blues Project have played at and are perfect for;
      • Corporate Events & Private Parties
      • Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels
      • Cocktail & Wedding Receptions
      • Wine Festivals &Tastings, Charity Events

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